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CO2 Probe GMP343

CO2 Probe GMP343 (for Demanding Measurements)


The Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP343 is an accurate and rugged probe-type instrument for ecological measurements. Typical applications include CO2 soil respiration, ambient CO2 monitoring, plant growth chambers, and OEM applications. The GMP343 incorporates a single-beam, dual-wavelength CO2 measurement with no moving parts.

Output : 4...20mA; RS-485; RS-232
Power: 11...36VDC
Measurement Range CO2: 0...1000ppm; 0...2000ppm; 0...3000ppm; 0...4000ppm; 0...5000ppm; 0...2%
Accuracy (at 25°C) : ±(3ppm+1% of reading) (0...1000ppm)
Housing Classification: IP65
Applications Detaylar
Ecological Measurements