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Who are we?


ENTEK TEKNİK is one of the founders of industrial automation sector in Turkey. For 23 years, it has been recognized with its success in developing the most economical and efficient solutions to business problems. With years of experience, it successfully analyzes industrial processes and problems and produces business-specific solutions to help transform new investments into high-quality production.

There are representatives of the Giants of the industrial automation world. Providing such services, programming, Assembly and commissioning of equipment and systems from representatives of devices, as well as experienced and well-trained engineers and technical personnel,providing pre-commissioning and post-training to ensure efficient operation of their systems.

When special solutions are needed for businesses, R&D, software and electronic circuit typesetting and production departments are introduced. The design of electronic devices is completed in the Software section and production is done in the electronic section. The use of some solutions developed by the companies it represents abroad is a source of pride for the entire industrial automation sector.  

It is one of the rare companies that can offer all solutions together in industrial automation and develop special solutions.