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Hand-Held CO2 Meter GM70

Hand-Held CO2 Meter GM70 (for Spot-Checking Applications)


The Vaisala CARBOCAP Hand-held Carbon Dioxide Meter DM70 measures volume concentration of CO2 in the units of ppm or %. It is a user-friendly meter for demanding spot measurements in laboratories, greenhouses, mushroom farms, and for ensuring CO2 safety during soft drink bottling processes. The meter can also be used in HVAC and industrial applications, and as a tool for checking fixed CO2 instruments. The optional GM70 pump enables pump-aspirated sampling from difficult to access areas, such as incubators amd chambers.

Battery Operation Time (Continuous Use – with handle): 8 h (at 20°C)
Battery Operation Time (Continuous Use – with pump): 5 h (at 20°C)
Measurement Range (GMP221): 0...2%; 0...3%; 0...5%; 0...10%, 0...20%
Accuracy : ±(1.5% of range + 2% of reading)
Measurement Range (GMP222): 0...2000ppm; 0...3000ppm; 0...5000ppm; 0...7000ppm, 0...10000ppm
Accuracy : ±(1.5% of range + 2% of reading)
Handle - Housing Classification: IP65
Pompa - Housing Classification: IP54
MI70 Indicator Housing Classification: IP54
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