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Dew Point Transmitters DMT345 and DMT346

(For High Temperature Applications)


Vaisala DRYCAP Dewpoint Transmitters DMT345 and DMT346 are the best-in-class choice for direct measurement of humidity without sampling systems in high-temperature applications such as baking ovens or high-temperature dryers. Vaisala DRYCAP Sensor provide accurate, reliable measurement with excellent long-term stability and fast response time.

Output: 0...1V ; 0...5V; 0...10V; 0...20mA; 4...20mA
Operating Voltage: 10...35VDC, 24VAC ±20%
Operating Voltage with optional Power supply module: 100...240VAC 50/60Hz
Measurement Range (DMT345) Td: -40...+100°C (-40...+212°F)
Accuracy : ±2°C/±3.6°F
Measurement Range (DMT346) Td: -25...+100°C (-13...+212°F)
Accuracy : ±2°C/±3.6°F
IP Rating: IP66 (IP rating with local display: IP65)
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