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Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMD60/70

(±2%RH Transmitters with Certificate for Demanding HVAC)


The sturdy and reliable duct mounted Vaisala HUMICAP Humidity Transmitter Series HMD60/70 is designed for monitoring relative humidity in demending HVAC and light industrial applications.  The products come with a traceable calibration certificate.

Output HMD60: 4...20mA
Output HMD70: 0...10V
Operating Voltage HMD60: 10...35VDC (RL=0Ω), 20...35VDC (RL=500Ω)
Operating Voltage HMD70: 19...35VDC, 16...24VAC
Measurement Range RH: 0...100%RH
Accuracy (at +20°C) : ±2%RH
Measurement Range T : -20...+80°C (-4...+176°F)
IP Rating: IP65
Accuracy (at +20°C) : ±0.2°C
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