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Miniature Dew Point Transmitters DMT143 & DMT143L

(for OEM Applications)


Miniature size dew point transmitters DMT143 and DMT143L are ideal choice when you want to measure dew point accurately in small compressed air dryers, plastic dryers and other OEM applications. They are easy to integrate and can be used in Vaisala DM70 hand-held. The long version will be replacing the DMT242.

Output (DMT143): 0...1V ; 0...5V; 1...5V; 4...20mA
Output (DMT143L): 4...20mA
Operating Voltage: 18...28VDC
Measurement Range (DMT143) Td: -70...+60°C (-94...+140°F)
Measurement Range (DMT143L) Td: -60...+60°C (-76...+140°F)
Accuracy : ±2°C/±3.6°F
IP Rating: IP66
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